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I'm Angela, and I'm a Business & Personal Coach. I've put together this video-based online programme to help individuals who are serious about working on their personal development in order to be the best versions of themselves.

So let me ask you:


Have you been going around in circles trying to change your habits, but always go back to your old ways and routines?

Are you currently lacking motivation to get yourself started on your behaviour or mindset change?

Do you want to have a better foundation of understanding as to how your habits work?


If you've answered 'yes' to any of the above statements then this completely free programme is for you!

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What To Expect!

This free programme will cover some key areas to help broaden your understanding and knowledge of your habits, and ways to be more successful at changing them. You can find the daily modules that will be covered below.

You will need 30 minutes each day to complete the modules, which include:

  • A pre-recorded 10 minute video tutorial
  • Worksheet with coaching questions / exercises

Each day a new tutorial video and coaching worksheet will be unlocked for you to access.

Programme Modules


Day 1: What Is a Habit?

Day 2: Starting a New Habit

Day 3: The Two Sides of Yourself

Day 4: Small Changes, Big Results

Day 5: The Problem with Willpower

Day 6: The Importance of Consistency

Day 7: Know Your Rewards, Track Your Habits

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FREE 7-Day Kickstarter: Master Your Habits To Master Your Life

With this free 7-day programme you will have access to all of the tutorial videos and coaching worksheets for 30 days after you enrol.